Sunday, February 28, 2010


lookin' at me.

Some photographs from February.
Whenever I can find a scanner and I get more prints I'll upload all of my b&w film photos.

On the way to Michigan.

My sister.

My mother.

Batman. :D

We had Vietnamese coffee and caught up on the time we've missed from each others lives. It was good to see an old friend again, and it makes me happy knowing that the people I meet and become close with still are there for me. People are showing their true colors to me every day.

Then we continued our day and met some new friends.

Yellow stars.

I wonder how many pictures I have like this.

Sara and I went on a little adventure. We are both ready for the snow and the bitter cold to be gone.

Prince St. Cafe. :)


Jam session. I played the tambourine.

That's it.

February never fails to always be one of the worst months of my life. I just never know what is going to happen. Although this month has definitely had it's down sides, the parts I photographed reminds me that there is still always a good. I am still alive. Spring is almost here.

I am finally getting stable, fast, reliable internet connection this week so look for more updates, and revamping my entire site. It's going to be sweet having the world at my fingertips again! I kind of feel like I've lost a little bit of touch with "reality". I won't ever stop adventuring, though. It's going to be a long time before I ever settle.

Well, time to do it all over again.


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